Q: Can anyone at any level compete?

A: Yes, absolutely!  We have different levels to meet everyone's hooping experience.  Please check out our Competitor Packet for more details

Q: Are non-united states citizens allowed to compete?

A: Yes, If you are from another country you are welcome to compete in the Aerial Arts Association Competitions.

Q: Is there any age RESTRICTIONS to competitors?

A: No.  Everyone is welcome to compete.  Anyone under 18 years of age will be required to have their parent or guardian accompany them at all times at the competition.  We will also require special liability waivers from parents of any youth competing.

Q: what does my registration fee go towards?

A: Hosting an event is very expensive.  Your registration fee goes to the cost of renting the theater, insurance, equipment needed, AV and Sound Technicians.  Thankfully our staff is on a volunteer basis and we are very thankful of their help!

Q: How do I know if I'm ready to compete?

A: Do you love aerial hoop?  Are you ready to challenge yourself?  Do you want to show your friends and family what you have been working hard on?  Do you love being on stage?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you ARE ready to compete!! 

There are levels suitable for every skill set and you can choose the level that best suits your needs.
Click here to see the detail of the levels:  Aerial Arts Association Levels

Q: What if I'm not flexible enough? What if I'm not strong enough?

A: If you are questioning if you are strong or flexible enough to compete do not worry!  Accentuate the areas in which you are strong and own those traits.  Work those areas the most in your performance and you will be sure to rock the stage.

Q: Where can I go to practice my piece? 

A: There are a number of fantastic studios or circus centers that offer aerial hoop classes.  We recommend start by looking up those, testing out a class and finding an instructor team that works best for your learning style.

Q: Are there studios where I can practice? How much would it cost? How much time would I NEED to practice?

A: Studio range in pricing greatly.  We find that the average pricing per class runs from $25-$40 depending upon where you are located.  Everyone learns are a different pace so it is very hard to say how much you need to practice but know that practice makes perfect and there you practice the faster you will learn and grow in your skills.

Q: How much should I practice my piece?

A: We recommend starting to work on your performance piece 3 months out.  That will give you ample time to perfect your skills and take days off for muscle recovery.  A good goal would be to have your routine set by one month out from the competition so that all you have to do is practice and repetition for perfecting the movements.

Q: How is the competition judgeD?

A: Each Level is scored slightly different due to different skill and difficulty levels for that level of competitor.  Possible points are lower for beginner levels and higher for Professional Division.  In an attempt to be as transparent as possible on the scoring expectations for competitors we list the scorecards on our website.

Here is an outline of the Possible Maximum Scores for each level:

Level 1 - 25
Level 2 - 50
Level 3 - 75
Doubles - 100
Professional - 100

For more details on the scoring and to view the scorecards go to our Judging Details.

Q: How much does flexible, strong, and expression of dance come into play for judging? Who are the judges and how many are judging me?

A: The details for exactly how much each element is factored into your overall score is listed on each scorecard for each level.  You can access the score cards in our Judging Details

Judges are skill aerial professional who teach, perform and compete in aerial hoop on a regular basis.

Q: What are the specs of the stage and apparatus? 

A: The hoop will be hung approximately 10 feet from the front of the stage with 15 feet to the Right and Left of the Hoop.  We have details with diagrams in our competitor packet.

Q: How big is the hoop? Is it a 1 or 2 point hoop? How long is the spanset? How high is the hoop off the stage? Is the hoop taped or clean?

A: We are offering 3 hoop sizes for competitors to choose from (35", 37" and 39").  

We are estimating the span set will run about 12 feet long but we are waiting for our meeting with the rigger to final specifications.

The hoop will sit 6 feet high from the stage.

The hoop will be taped using Mueller tape.

For more details about the hoops please refer to our Competitor Packet.

Q: Would you have a puller available?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a puller available for this competition.



Aerialist is @kareialist.
Photograph by @lbphotos.