A DAY IN Aerial Hoop Life with Waverly

Always wondered what Aerial Hoop Life is like for your favorite Aerialists?   WE DO!!

In this blog post the Aerial Artist Waverly was happy to give us some insight into her tricks of the trade!  

What does your training bag look like? What are the things you never leave home without when you go to train? 

My training bag always has headphones, a gym combination lock, a water bottle, running shoes, topical CBD salves & arnica (plus ibuprofen when that's just not enough!), an Ace bandage (not sure why that's in there...), hair elastics & bobby-pins, feminine products because you just never know, and a change of clean clothes (I like to get sweaty but I also enjoy feeling fresh). 

What has been your favorite Lyra performance? And why? 

I absolutely adore this static hoop act by Jennifer Cohen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p44MfTpCqrQ. I tend to like it because it is unique, different than your average lyra act. So rarely do we see an artist truly master the art of static hoop (similarly in Pole Arts). Her technique is impeccable; I really enjoy watching her move. 

What age did you start training? 

I took my first aerial silks class when I was 21 years old in May of 2010 and instantly knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. I did some recreational gymnastics as a kid but was unable to truly take it where I want to due to the financial burden & time commitments. 

What was the first favorite trick you got on lyra? 

I've always had a natural knack for the splits, so I've always been drawn to split skills in aerial and pole training. I'd say the Russian Split on lyra was one of my first favorite tricks. I nailed it pretty early on & that was very gratifying! 

 How many takes does it really take for the awesome videos that you post on Instagram? 

Great question. Truthfully, anywhere from 3-6 takes. Maybe more sometimes. I've been filming myself since I started training as it helps so much with polishing techniques to the standards in which I set for myself. I watch it and try again - and then watch it again and try it again! Sometimes I never actually see what I want that particular day, but that's just part of it. 

 What is your favorite trick that you currently like to do on the hoop? 

I love the splits! Any and all splits. I also enjoy advanced skills like flippy drops, reverse meathooks, deep skin-the-cats, deadlifting into shouldermounts, rapidly spinning. It's hard to nail down just one. 

How did you get SO STRONG?? :) 

Thank you! I train very heavily in the gym as well as in the studio. I weight train and blend that with extensive cardio & abdominal workouts. I do a lot of core, upper body, and endurance training at the gym so when I hit the studio, my body is strong from conditioning - not just from aerial and pole arts. I have been very consistent with my training lately so I'm in the gym just about every day. 

Do you do cross-training on other apparatuses as part of your conditioning? Pole, pilates, etc. How much time do you train outside of lyra? 

Absolutely. I train aerial fabrics, aerial hoop (single, double, & tabless), occasional corde lisse & Spanish web, pole dance, and work out 8-10 hours a week in the gym. It's hard to put a number on it as my schedule varies day-to-day with group classes, private lessons / parties, and just listening to what my body wants that particular day. 

Who is your biggest chearleader? 

Hands down my little German grandmother, Louise Efird (aka Oma). She's the best thing in my life & always has been. She sees how far aerial and pole arts have taken me and supports my crazy flying self like no one else. She's my best friend, the strongest woman I've ever known. 

You have a large following on social media (for obvious reasons). How are you trying to shape aerial arts as it is emerging as a more mainstream form of fitness? 

Thank you for saying that. My studio partner Heather Poole and I just teamed up with Dakota Fox of Aradia Fitness USA to bring aerial silks & aerial hoop teacher training programs to be offered alongside the Aradia Pole Teacher Training program. With that said, my current focus is teaching students and aerial instructors how to train safely and sustainably. My contribution to aerial arts is providing continuing education for students and instructors for the betterment of the greater aerial community. My goal is to reach anyone interested in these arts and teach them a strong foundation to grow on for years to come. 


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