A DAY IN Aerial Hoop Life with Sarah Romanowsky, @lvaerialist


Recently Sarah Romanownsky, you may know her as @lvaerialist on Instagram, took some time to answer a few questions we had for her to find out how she became such a amazing aerialist.  
We hope you enjoy this look into the aerial hoop life of Sarah Romanowsky!

When you get an opportunity check out Sarah's website at www.CirqueAerialist.com.


What does your training bag look like? What are the things you never leave home without when you go to train? 

We have hooks around our garage where I hang all my different aerial apparatuses. I grab whatever I’m inspired to work on that day & have hardware & rosin in my car at all times. I have a large, round zipper bag for my Lyra & always carry a long-sleeve shirt for the moves that could burn my arms.

What has been your favorite Lyra performance? And why? 

I really enjoyed performing Lyra at the Aerial Dance Festival with Frequent Flyers this past year. The song was Moonlight by The Piano Guys & it felt particularly magical that weekend. 

What age did you start training? 

I started taking dance class when I was 6 years old at Kreuzer Academy of the Performing Arts and continued my dance training through high school & college until I received my Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Loyola Marymount University. I was working as a dancer when I found Hollywood Aerial Arts at 23 years old, and immediately immersed myself in aerial training. My dance background always greatly influenced my work as an Aerialist, so even though I didn’t officially start aerial training until I was an adult, I feel I had many years of preparation thanks to my dance instructors.

What was the first favorite trick you got on lyra? 

Even though I didn’t get this until I was training more advanced work, I loved heel hangs right away. I’ll be honest & say that the shape of my heel makes it a little easier for me...it still takes a lot of leg strength to hold the position, but I have kind of a natural “shelf” under my Achilles which certainly helps.

 How many takes does it really take for the awesome videos that you post on Instagram? 

Cute question! I film almost everything in my training because I don’t generally have an instructor there to give me notes. When I started my aerial training, I took Tania Holt’s classes religiously for over 5 years, often 3 times a week, and got amazing notes from her. Now, I train with friends or solo, but I video & pick apart every little thing until I can consistently do it the way I want it to look aesthetically. Once it’s consistent, then I’ll post any video as long as it’s clean with a decent angle & no one walks in front of my phone, haha

 What is your favorite trick that you currently like to do on the hoop? 

I love doing Lever Split into a drop to a single knee. We all have different names for moves...I’ve also heard it called Russian split...where you skin-the-cat to your knees, place the ball of one foot on the Hoop, then extend the other leg back until you’re in a split, looking at the ceiling. The drop to the knee isn’t hard, but always looks fun & impressive to audiences. 

How did you get SO STRONG?? :) 

From a young age, I loved making my body stronger, from push-ups & sit-ups as a dancer, then time at the gym, then rock-climbing, then aerial arts. The secret is simply repetition & muscle confusion. Keep doing the thing you want to do & your body usually adjusts. Do it too much & your body can also revolt (hence the cross-training). My best advice is just to keep moving, keep pushing & keep being motivated & inspired by others. 

Do you do cross-training on other apparatuses as part of your conditioning? Pole, pilates, etc. How much time do you train outside of lyra? 

For aerial, I train on Lyra, Silks, Corde Lisse & Hammock on a regular basis. I also do small hikes around Vegas & go to the “regular-person gym” almost every day. Additionally, I still take dance class or fitness classes when I can. I have a pull-up bar at home, but honestly, I mostly look at it & think I should be doing pull-ups, then I don’t. For me, anything that’s at home is an instant exercise turn-off. I like stretching at home while I watch TV, but anything else fitness-related has to be outside our home, or else or I won’t do it!

Who is your biggest chearleader? 

My husband & aerial buddy Christian Sanchez! He thinks I can do way more than I actually can (he would argue that he knows I can do more than I think I can...maybe he’s right. The jury is out on this.) He wants me to try everything & thinks I can do anything. It’s wonderful & amazing to have that kind of unconditional support, but I’m much more measured & calculated with the ways in which I push myself. As much as I want to be Wonder Woman all the time, I also don’t want to get hurt!

You have a large following on social media (for obvious reasons). How are you trying to shape aerial arts as it is emerging as a more mainstream form of fitness?

I feel very strongly about good technique, lines, strength/control, and of course, artistry. I like pushing students (and myself!) to always be better — to be engaging & present at all times...to not forget even the tiniest of details. Even if you never perform as an Aerialist, the physical, mental & emotional muscles we’re training can apply to so many other aspects of our lives. Why do something if we’re not going to fully engage in the moment? We are so, so lucky to do what we do, so we should use our bodies to express that joy & gratitude. 


Photo credit to Randm Vision Photo

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